Polytunnel Kit Optional Extras

A number of steel and timber accessories are available for your polytunnel, so choose from the list below and also see if we have any offers  for you


inside a newly assembled with crop bars five star polytunnelA Crop Bar Set is used for hanging baskets, tomatoes, climbing plants etc. The crop bar is fixed width ways from one side of the hoop through the support brace to the clip on the other side of the hoop. Crop bar sets are not used on the end hoops because of the door frames

One support brace is installed from the ridge tube vertically with a clip at the centre of the hoop to the crop bar for 10, 12 and 14 width kits.
Two support braces are installed diagonally and centrally from the chosen main frame hoop to the crop bar for 16, 18 and 24 width kits


A Staging Set is fixed to two adjacent hoops at a working level of a metre height. There are two tubes,one horizontal and one diagonal fixed to the hoops. The can be used to support any system of racking or shelving.





The Base Rail Set consists of 2 long bolts with nuts and a pressing to fix through the base rail and around your ground tube. One set is needed for each internal ground tube and add four more, especially designed for the corners. A timber base is used to fix the polythene instead of digging a trench. The Base Rail Clip fixes below the Clip for the hoop




An anchor plate inside a trench for a five star polytunnel An Anchor Plate Set  are used if the ground tubes are not concreted in, one set is needed for each ground tube. The plate is a 3 mm thickness square of twelve inches [30 cm]  to sixteen inches [ 40 cm] depending upon the polytunnel width. Two P clips are supplied to clamp the anchor plate on to the ground tube




A Base Plate Set are usually chosen for a concrete base, i.e. no soil is being used. Ground tubes are not required. One Base Plate is needed for each hoop end. A timber base rail holds the polythene.




Extension Legs are a speciality and not listed on our cart system. They are provided for customers who require additional height within their polytunnels for example, steam engine renovation, working on boats, etc. The ground to be used for assembly maybe for raised beds for a disabled customer. Sometimes the chosen site is steep on one side only


All doors are manufactured using tannalised timber.

We supply sufficient polythene to cover the doors chosen for your polytunnel kit. We can also supply shade netting for your doors as shown here

customer polytunnels 10 x 20 14 x 24Standard Door – Two door widths are  offered, 2’9″ x 6’3”, and 4’0″  x 6’3″.  The door has corner braces, and comes supplied with hinges and wood screws. The main timber used is 2” x 2” [0.05m x 0.05m]




Drop Vent Panels –  Bespoke vent panels can be made to suit any polytunnel to fit alongside a standard door or to stand alone at one end without the need for human access. These are designed to stay open to allow air flow and pollinating insects into the tunnel without leaving a door propped open. This is better in windy conditions where doors are vulnerable and where rabbits, dogs, chickens or children might gain entry into the tunnel.