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Five Star Polytunnels supplies XL Horticulture polythene, separately, and included with their polytunnel kits. Polythene is a flexible translucent material. It creates a micro climate within a polytunnel so your plants grow better than they would if not protected.

Modern technology allows manufacturers to add compounds to the film. The XL range of films has up to 8 layers with different filters in each layer. An additive called Metallocene is also included to make the film stronger but thinner. All the polythene types have a UV guarantee of 5 years, with the new Superthermic EVO AC offering an 8 year guarantee with a life expectancy of over 10 years.


SuperThermic EVO AC 2020- Brand new 8 layer polythene with 8 year UV Guarantee. For vegetables, flowers, soft fruit, shrubs and bedding plants. For over wintered nursery stock where frost protection is required. Offers up to 2 degrees of extra warmth, non drip, anti fog and anti Condensation properties.

EVOLUTION 2015/1 SunMaster Cool is a new diffused film with the latest diffuser/temperature reduction barrier. It is called SunMaster Cool because it will give around a 25-30% reduction in summer temperature against a conventional clear film. It is also thermic. The aluminium diffuser cools it down during the day and the thermic effect keeps it warmer at night. This gives a more stable temperature night and day and also ensures that winter temperatures don’t go too low. The light level is reduced to 78% and we see this film as being ideal for Hardy Nursery Stock, Garden Centre Canopies, Animal housing, etc. SunMaster Cool is available in 8M, 10 M, 12 M and 14 M widths.
EVOLUTION 2015/2 SunMaster Crystal Therm is a new clear film - Some growers and hobby gardeners want polythene as clear as glass. Crystal Therm is clear and with a normal thermic effect to give around 3 degrees frost protection. This is ideal for the hobby gardener. SunMaster Crystal Therm is available in 10 M width. This should suit smaller tunnel sizes for the professional and all sizes for hobby gardeners.


superthermic polytheneSunMaster Diffused - For vegetables, flowers, soft fruit, shrubs and bedding plants. For crops that you would usually grow outside. For over wintered nursery stock where only slight frost protection is required. For all crops where colour, especially red and blue, is important.

SunMaster Clear - For vegetables, flowers, soft fruit, shrubs and bedding plants. For cold over wintered crops including nursery stock. For all crops where colour is important, especially red.

SteriLite SuperThermic - For vegetable, flowers, soft fruit, shrubs and bedding plants. For all crops which are to be heated. For vegetables, flowers and nursery stock. For late in the year, over wintered, or early crops. For Organic soft fruit.

SunSmart Green - For all crops which are natural shade loving plants; for ferns, hostas, hellebores, violets. For camellias, laurels, ilex (hollies), rhododendrons.

SunMaster Diffused or SunSmartGreen or SunMaster Cool- For an Animal Housing Polytunnel

Total Block Black / White is double purpose. Use the Black side out for maximum light block, excellent for mushroom farming. Use the White side out for Poultry as reflects some of the rays back

Side Vent Film with or without pockets - Has the full specification of SunMaster Diffused Polythene


polytunnel customer jer inside green poly 1Properties

Diffused - The diffusion properties of the polythene scatters the light as it enters the film reducing shadows; helps reduce tip burning and moisture stress on the plant.

Ultra Violet Transmission - Full or Blocked Full transmission means the UV is open and encourages stronger bushier plants. Botrytis and mildew need UV to reproduce and survive so by Blocking the UV transmission diseases and pests struggle and are more easily controlled.

Thermic - Thermic filters reflect back the short wave infra red that is stored during the day time and is released as long wave infrared at night from the plants, pots, and soil. Benefits include 10% to 30% reduction in heating costs and significantly less frost damage.

Anti Fog - Polytunnel polythene with anti-fog properties reduces mist within the polytunnel.

Anti Drip - Reduces condensation so the water runs down the cover as a thin film of water rather than droplets which can spread disease or damage cuttings.

Light Transmission - Refers to the amount of PAR light that is transmitted by the film. The more light the better unless you're looking for a shade tunnel in which case Smart Blue or SmartGreen polythene may have just the properties you need.


polytunnel customer 14 x 24Measuring

Get the right polythene measurements for you
Measurements for a polythene replacement cover

Measure twice, the polythene is only cut once!!

Poly Sheet size calculator

WIDTH, Check the Width for the Length, and the Arch/ Hoop for the correct width


Width Needed

Polytunnel Width      Polytunnel Arch / Hoop       Trenched In          Base Rail
10 feet                     20 feet (6.15m)                     7.3m                     7.3m
12 feet                     22 feet (6.76m)                     9.2m                     9.2m
14 feet                     24 feet (7.38m)                     9.2m                     9.2m
18 feet                     30 feet (9.23m)                     11.1m                   11.1m
24 feet                     38 feet (11.69m)                   14.0m                   14.0m

• Measure the polytunnel length; add the width & round up to the nearest metre

• Add 1 metre if unsure
• Add another 2 metres to this length to cover the doors

We supply with our polytunnel kits the length, plus twice central height plus two metres to cover the doors, so you have plenty

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