artwork 110You might buy only one polytunnel, so choose a good sturdy Five Star Polytunnel kit from us

Your Polytunnel kit includes Ground tubes, Steel frame work and fittings, Anti hot spot tape and a Polythene cover, which comes with a 5 year UV guarantee.

The Animal Housing polytunnel also includes Ridge Bracing, Snow / Storm Braces, Side Vent Shade Mesh and Side rail fixings as standard


why at 71 am still working 1This polytunnel structure gives strength, rigidity and durability overall. Hoop spacing and straight sides assist stability. No wires are used for assembly, which means it's easier for you to build.

The Z35 high tensile steel tube is manufactured to British Standards and galvanised inside and out. Your polytunnel will give you excellent headroom and good ventilation via door openings at each end.

The ground tube is heavy gauge and galvanised and is ideal for holding the main frame hoop tube.


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The steel frame work is designed to withstand the elements - The structure comprises a series of hoops, each in two or more parts which fit together at the top like tent poles.

Ridge tubing running front-to-back fits together in a similar manner. A crossover at the centre point of each hoop joins with the ridge tube fitted underneath. This, combined with corner diagonal bracing and secured with clips, bolts and nuts keeps the framework securely in place.

The steel fixings are galvanised or zinc coated and meet British Standards. They're easy to install and a snug fit.


14 x 36 applying ahst 1 (Copy)Anti Hot Spot Tape is included in every polytunnel kit as an essential component, being a special self adhesive tape that prevents chafing of the cover, protects the polythene from the heat of the tubes and increases the life of the cover.

The Polythene is of commercial strength and one of the most technologically advanced films available, used by professional growers throughout the UK and Europe.