black woven ground cover in five star polytunnel onions turnips garlic mayMulch Ground Cover film:

Mulch ground cover film reduces weeds and stabilises soil temperature and moisture. The cover can be cut to fit and makes a useful path between crops. The cover lasts a number of years.




White fleece on eight metre roll in stock five star polytunnelsFleece (Frost protection):

A heavy duty knitted polyethylene cover for crops which lasts many years and can be washed at the end of a season. The fleece is ideal for protecting plants that might otherwise suffer frost damage over the winter. We have an eight metre width roll here at our works and can cut you a length to suit you, minimum 5 metres




green shade netting used for doors on 14 x 36 feet five star polytunnel kitrd doors shade nettingMonofilament green netting: Green Windbreak netting knitted from long lasting polyethylene thread, designed to maximise crop and plant protection against sun and wind damage. Eyelets are every few inches along each seam width. Custom made fabricated covers and sheets are available - We have two metre rolls in stock here at our works and can cut you a length to suit your needs, minimum 5 metres




White Side Vent Shade Netting

We supply as a side vent net a monofilament netting of the very best quality. We have eyelets knitted in should you wish to use it as a windbreak netting. We supply a minimum length of 30 metres and sell by the metre so far less waste for you, and cut to length to fit your tunnel. The netting carries the same amount of UV protection as the polythene we supply so it shouldn’t wear out before you need to re-cover your tunnels.