Five Star Polytunnels manufactures steel-framed polytunnels offering a high quality, long-lasting end product. We use the same Z35 High Tensile steel as all other top polytunnel manufacturers.

With more than 25 years combined experience of constructing and working in polytunnels, in one of the windiest areas of the UK, we are able to offer a personal, bespoke service. Chris or Caroline will see you through your purchase from start to finish. From your showroom visit to you door step delivery.

Although based in Wales, we offer UK-wide coverage for the sales of polytunnels, covers, and other accessories direct to your garden.

Our ground tubes are made from double thick-walled heavy gauge steel, offering a longer life, rather than the inadequate option of using the same gauge steel for both hoops and ground tubes often found in inferior products. Our design allows the hoops to be 'jacked' after covering, providing a skin-tight finish that is essential to the longevity of your structure. Our smaller tunnels have 2 piece hoops, offering a stronger structure, without the need of any unnecessary additional bracing.